Saturday, September 18, 2010

apple... iphone

issues and more issues...
apple's got some serious issues with the iphone.
I've posted on my blog about how disappointing I was with their service few month ago. Now, Multimedia text messaging on my iphone. I noticed other users are experiencing similar problems and were able to resolve it so I followed their instructions, but I just can't get it to work. I'm no newbies to solving these kind of problems but this is just pain in the ass. After spending 4 hours I've decided to call apple support and see what the fuck i'm doing wrong. If apple doesn't streamline the way the iphone works with itune, it's really easy for them to lose customer. google is already going strong and I can see them surpassing easily in next few years if apple doesn't get their act straight. (update) I think Samsung Galaxy is pretty good. I think it's a better device overall than latest HTC phone. However, both phones are still lacking in usability compare to iphone. I'm betting on next generation of the Galaxy to be the biggest competitor to iphone in the future.

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